A few years ago I put up a nesting box in the hope of being able to photograph some garden bird activity at close quarters. 
It has remained empty for years but to my surprise on Saturday 25th April a pair of Blue Tits have taken to the box and set up home. Amazing, even though I’m working in the garden nearby they don’t seem to mind me and don’t seem at all camera shy.  Fascinating watching them!

Update 4th June 2020
Very sad to say that after five weeks of watching these Blue Tits rear 8 nestlings nature has dealt the cruelest of blows.
 Monday 1st June nothing seemed amiss with the parents continually in and out of the box feeding their 8 nestlings who were all coming on great and increasing in size since hatching.
Leaving the garden that night they were still happily feeding. Before going to bed I always check the nest box camera and on that Monday night I noticed the mother wasn’t in the box. I put it down to her sleeping to one side of the chicks out of camera view instead of on top of them as they were getting bigger.
As soon as I awoke Tuesday morning I checked the camera and there was no sign of the mother and more worryingly watching for a while she still did not appear. Keeping an eye on the box from inside the house still no sign and equally concerning there was no sign of the father which was very unusual at that time in the morning.
I checked the nest box camera recording from the previous night to current time to see if she had appeared at all through the night and to try and find out what happened.  Looking back at the recording they were both happily feeding but at around 8 pm it looks like only one became the feeder, the father.  Looking at him before he feeds his chicks for the last time just after eight it looks like he knows something is amiss.
I’m very sad to say the mother hasn’t been seen since. I can only guess she fell prey to a predator whilst out hunting for her feed. Taking advice we left the box alone on Tuesday in the hope that the parents would return, but sadly they didn’t.  Taking further advice and despite giving every effort to save the chicks nature took its course.  So sad, absolutely gutted.  Going to miss them a lot.☹️

An amazing little bird that brought an immense amount of pleasure during  this awful lockdown.

Sadly the last clip of both parents seen in the nest box feeding their offspring and looking after their wellbeing. Soon after the mother for whatever reason did not return.😢01/0620

First clip of Blue Tit

 starting to build nest 26/04/20

Laying her first two eggs 02/05/20


 her first two eggs 02/0520

Third egg being laid 04/05/20

Leaving the nest 04/05/20

Concealing the eggs  (1) 040520

Concealing the eggs (2) 040520

Concealing the eggs (3) 040520

Concealing the eggs (4) 040520

Now 6 eggs, leaving the nest 5:30am 06/05/20

Now 7 eggs, male coming into feed her! 07/05/20

Now 8 eggs! 08/05/20

Still incubating and still getting fed from her partner. 18/05/20

First egg hatching, shell removed by mother 20/05/20

Feeding Time 24/05/20

Time to share a spider out! 24/o5/20

Breakfast 25/05/20

Great to see all 8 eggs hatched 25/05/20

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